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This is the result of my first foray into doodling. As you colour, ponder God’s faithfulness. The four largest rays of sunshine have special significance: (1) rainbows – God’s merciful promise to Noah in Gen 9:17, (2) bubbles – “living water” from John 7:37-39, (3) sunshine – the unchangeable nature of the sun rising each morning, reminding us of God’s love (4) spider webs – I love how the morning dew sparkles on spider webs. Although spiders frighten me, their ability to make stunningly symmetrical webs points me to God’s creativity. Have a look at the gallery of finished pages here!

Download Colouring Page

PAPER SIZE: Standard A4 page.

BORDER: The colouring page doesn’t have a black border; I just added one for display purposes.

TECHNICAL INFO: If you’re on a computer/laptop, and you can’t see the colouring page after clicking the red button, check in the Downloads folder on your hard drive.

ARE THERE ANY MORE COLOURING PAGES? Not yet! But I do hope to build a collection of free downloadable colouring pages eventually. You’re welcome to send me a friend request on Facebook or follow me on Instagram if you’d like to know when my next colouring resource is ready to download.


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