Bible translation choice

At home and at church I use the New International Version (NIV), but for this site I’ve chosen the New Living Translation (NLT).

  • For those who are familiar with the Bible, the NLT might make well-known verses sound fresh and new. It’s like when you move a once-admired old ornament to a different spot in your home… Suddenly you notice it every time you walk past. Seeing it from a slightly different angle has enabled you to appreciate its beauty again.
  • For those who aren’t too familiar with the Bible, the NLT will hopefully make the verses easier to follow. The NLT uses everyday English, and reads less like a text book than some other translations.
  • I may occasionally choose to include a verse from the NIV, if I’m particularly fond of its phrasing. I’ll indicate this with (NIV) in brackets.

Photo reuse permission

  • Many of the photos I use on are my own pictures (i.e. I took them myself). I have marked them with the logo to indicate this. I am happy for you to share these photos online, but I kindly request that you don’t modify them in any way. In other words, please do not remove the logo, or make any other adjustments before sharing them.
  • Some photos on are from our friend, Google. I’ve only used images that are labeled for reuse. If you notice an image on this site that isn’t labeled for reuse, please contact me on, so that I can rectify it ASAP!
  • Photos from Google which have been modified by (e.g. text added) also contain the logo.