About the Resource Library

Here’s a quick overview:

All resources are:

💚     Designed for your benefit.

©️    Created by me.

🙌     Free!

🔐     Password-protected.

How do I get my Resource Library password?

When you subscribe you’ll get your password.

If you’re not sure about what subscription involves, that’s OK. I wouldn’t expect you to just go ahead and sign up without asking some questions first. There’s some info below, to help you work out if you’re ready to take that step.


Questions re subscription:

  • How often will I receive emails? About once every 4-6 weeks, if my health allows. (I’m not a very efficient blogger!!)
  • Will my personal details be safe? Yes! I won’t share them with anyone — I hate spam as much as you do.
  • Will you try selling me stuff? No, I won’t.

Questions re Resource Library:

  • Is it OK if I share my password with other people? As my four-year-old says (usually when she wants something her brother has): “Sharing is caring.” I’d like to make an amendment to this statement: “Sharing is caring, except when it comes to passwords!!!”
  • If I lose my password, what should I do? Email me at: fruitfultodayblog@gmail.com and I’ll reissue you with a password.
  • Will you let me know when new resources are uploaded? Yes, you’ll get an email each time a resource that’s related to your selected categories is added, so don’t worry about missing out. 😉
  • How often will new resources be published? I hope to get one done every 4-6 weeks, if my health allows.

I’m working towards building a sizeable catalogue of free downloadable resources. It does take quite some time to get each bundle done… Slowly but surely we’ll get there!