About the Resource Library

Here’s a quick overview:

All resources are:

💚     Designed for your benefit.

©️    Created by me.

🙌     Free!

🔐     Password-protected.

How do I get my Resource Library password?

When you subscribe you’ll get your password.

If you’re not sure about what subscription involves, that’s OK. I wouldn’t expect you to just go ahead and sign up without asking some questions first. There’s some info below, to help you work out if you’re ready to take that step.

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Questions re subscription:

  • How often will I receive emails? About once every 4-6 weeks, if my health allows. (I’m not a very efficient blogger!!)
  • Will my personal details be safe? Yes! I won’t share them with anyone — I hate spam as much as you do.
  • Will you try selling me stuff? No, I won’t.

Questions re Resource Library:

  • Is it OK if I share my password with other people? As my four-year-old says (usually when she wants something her brother has): “Sharing is caring.” I’d like to make an amendment to this statement: “Sharing is caring, except when it comes to passwords!!!”
  • If I lose my password, what should I do? Email me at: fruitfultodayblog@gmail.com and I’ll reissue you with a password.
  • Will you let me know when new resources are uploaded? Yes, you’ll get an email each time a resource that’s related to your selected categories is added, so don’t worry about missing out. 😉
  • How often will new resources be published? I hope to get one done every 4-6 weeks, if my health allows.

I’m working towards building a sizeable catalogue of free downloadable resources. It does take quite some time to get each bundle done… Slowly but surely we’ll get there!