God’s Thoughts are Higher (Isaiah 55:9)

I love flying above the clouds! It’s such a clear example of perspective, isn’t it? Up there, the sun is shining. I need to put my sunglasses on just to appreciate the beautiful blanket of clouds below. But when I was still on the ground, all I could see were the clouds – the light of the sun was obscured.

I try to remember this when I get discouraged; when I wonder what God is doing; when I look up and ask, “Why doesn’t God do this or that differently?”

In those moments, I have to remind myself about perspective: God’s perspective is different to mine.

I love reading the final chapters of Job, where God responds to Job’s accusations. It’s sobering! And I realise that I sometimes slip into the same way of thinking: imagining that I have the solutions to all the problems around me, and wondering why God won’t see things my way! (Why hasn’t he healed my body? Why won’t he change my circumstances?)

Lord, help us to remember that you are way above us in your understanding. Trying to understand your decisions regarding our lives is like a 4-year-old (or even a 40-year-old) trying to get their head around the complexity of mortgage repayments! Help us to remember that you see more than we do, you understand more than we do and you know more than we do. Thank you that we can still take our tiniest concerns to you, because not only are you an all-powerful, all-knowing God; you’re also our loving Father. We stand in awe of you today, and we thank you for your “otherness”. We need that in you – thank you for being God. Help us to trust you with our whole heart. Amen.

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