Living Stones (1 Peter 2:5)

This photo shows the wall of an old house. It’s from a medieval village near Lyon, France. Aren’t those stones just perfectly imperfect, the way they’re assembled in such hodge-podge rows?
This is a comfort for me. It reminds me that God uses us despite our imperfections. When I look around at the people in my church, I’m struck by the diversity of life experiences and life stages that I see represented in our faith community.
We all have our strengths – gifts to contribute to the Body of Christ. We also all have our weaknesses – character traits that make us grate against one another at times!! We all need to bear with each other and act in a spirit of humility, love and unity.
How amazing that God uses such hodge-podge bunches of people like us – so mismatched and so ordinary. He’s lovingly placed us together to be his temple, his dwelling place on earth.
Father God, please give us patience with our fellow Christians. We all do and say silly things at times, and we’re sorry for failing to be a community of Christ’s love. For those readers who have painful emotional wounds that are keeping them away from church, please comfort them and gently heal them over time. Please reincorporate them into a spiritual family so that they can feel the benefits of living life as part of a loving community. Please provide them with godly people who can gently nurture and lead them to maturity in Christ. Amen.

Photo ©️ Fruitful Today

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