New Year’s Hope (Lam 3:21-22)

I took this photo on New Year’s Eve, just after the fireworks ended. Kids were running all over the place, hyped up on the adrenaline of a later-than-usual night. They were waving sparklers and glow sticks around in an almost-frenzied, tribal sort of way.

I’ve been experimenting with photography, as a hobby, for many years. One of the first lessons I learnt was that movement – especially in low light, with no flash – results in a blurry image.

Usually, a blurry image means a bad shot; but sometimes, a deliberate inclusion of blurriness can enhance the beauty of a shot. I won’t pretend I intended this image to turn out how it did: so beautifully blurry in one part, yet so clear and crisp in another. But I love how it ended up! The contrast speaks to me about the constancy of God within unpredictable circumstances.

So much of what we hope for in life is out of reach. We try to grab hold of our futures like my kids, as toddlers, used to try grabbing hold of water as it spewed from the tap (faucet). Defying their persistent efforts, that water just kept running through their fingers, gushing against their palms and splashing into their eyes.

This week’s blog post is about hope. It’s about those times in life when the good and right things we hope for stay beyond our reach. It’s about times of disappointment. At the end of the post are links to a bunch of free resources – a home video, a scripture colouring page, a song, an article about Bible heroes who experienced depression, a screensaver for your computer/device – all about hope.

This year, I’m daring to hope again. Despite the blurriness of my circumstances. Despite the uncertainties regarding my future. Despite the ongoing battle against depression and anxiety and a body that doesn’t bend to my will like it used to do. Despite all this, I’m fixing my eyes on Jesus. He’s like that sparkler in my little girl’s hand: clear, bright, blazing and beautiful to behold.

Photo ©️ Fruitful Today

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