Resources (Groaning – Part #3)

This is Part 3 of the Groaning Series. Click here to read the series from the beginning.

How can I help you grow?

Below are some resources to equip you and support you. (Don’t worry, all my resources are free!) There’s an e-booklet, as well as links to music playlists; articles about lamenting; and a book about prayer that has done wonders for my prayer life (which was close to non-existent till recently… Terrible, I know!!! 😖). I’ve been using these resources myself, and they’ve really helped me!! Hope they bless you too.

1. E-booklet

I’ve put together a 10-page downloadable e-booklet for you that’s easy to follow and adaptable — you can do it individually, with a friend, or even with a group. Get more info about the e-booklet and download it here.

Preview of booklet.

I pray this e-booklet will help you grow closer to our loving Father, who loves it when we come to him like little children: delightfully uncensored and full of trust. This bundle has certainly been helping me to pray in a more Christ-like way — I’ve been practising along the way!

2. Song playlists

Sometimes we don’t have any words; only pain. Groans. The good thing is, we don’t need to use words to pray. Romans 8:26 says we can pray with groans that no words can express. So, next time you’re bawling your eyes out, or just sitting there feeling utterly numb, use it as a chance to be in God’s presence.

Here’s a playlist of songs (gone are the days of mix tapes!) that are like prayers, for those times when you just don’t know how to pray:

Click image to see playlist in Resource Library.

And the Hope & Courage playlist has some of my favourite worship songs, for those times when you need some spiritual fuel to help you persevere:

Click image to see playlist in Resource Library.

 3. Related articles

4. Book recommendation

Last month I read a book called “A Praying Life”, by Paul E. Miller. It really challenged me. I realised just how much I was shutting down my negative emotions from God (e.g. anger, disappointment). I highly recommend this book if you, too, struggle to be real with God.

Check out this song. It’s a great example of a groaning prayer from the Psalms.

I pray this series and these resources have encouraged you and filled you with spiritual fuel. May we all learn the art of groaning. May we always take our sorrows to God, and may we receive his supernatural comfort, peace and joy in return.

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