The Gift of God (Rom 6:23)

Here’s our growing pile of Christmas gifts. I bet you can’t guess what that big, red one is… πŸ˜¬πŸ˜†

It’s been a turbulent week for me, spiritually. I’ve been pulled up on an area of sin in my life. Not a huge one, just a niggling one. The type that you let sit there, unbothered, because it’s not harming anyone. But then it does end up hurting someone! And it’s really hard to get rid of, like those dried-up breakfast cereal crumbs that end up glued to the bowl when you’re too lazy to rinse.

Even though I’d been confronted gently, by someone who dearly loves me, it still hurt. Who likes being faced with their own stinking selfishness?! I did apologise. After a day or two of inner pouting, I really could see their perspective.

Then came the shame. Accusations darted around my mind: How could I behave like this – I’m a mature Christian! I’m meant to put others’ needs before my own! I’m meant to have self-control!

Eventually I talked to God about it (somewhat reluctantly). I felt terrible about letting him down. I asked him to help me grow in this area of weakness, so that I can love others better. I also really needed help dealing with this shame!

Well, God did help with my shame: I stumbled upon a song based on Romans 6:23. As I listened, the words sank deep into my heart.

I realised I’d taken a baby step in the wrong direction: AWAY from grace!

In recent months I’ve been doing really well spiritually. (It’s been awesome!) Could it be that I’d started to trust in my OWN (sporadic) goodness, rather than clinging to GOD’S (never-failing) goodness?

Could it be that I’ve treated God’s approval like a transaction – a wage that I’ve worked really hard to earn? I wouldn’t have thought so until this week, when I came to God sheepishly red-faced and empty-handed!

Lord Jesus, your grace is sufficient for us and your power is made perfect in our weakness. Thank you for the GIFT of your approval – one we could never afford to buy for ourselves!!! Amen.

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