Waiting for Answers to Prayer (2 Peter 3:8)

Before getting sick with ME/CFS, I used to love doing the Bronte to Bondi walk on weekends. Along this stunning stretch of coastline, just next to the walking paths, are the most captivating sandstone rock formations!Some are smooth and flat, displaying fascinating cross-sections of contrasting strata, formed over thousands of years.

Some are not so smooth, like the one pictured here. Doesn’t it look just like honeycomb in places? I love how I can still enjoy those beautiful nature walks today through the photos I snapped all those years ago!

When I look at rock formations like these, I’m struck by my smallness. How long would it have taken for those rocks to form? Many thousands of years, I guess. I can’t even wrap my mind around that length of time!

This smallness reminds me of God’s “bigness”. And it helps me to be patient when I feel God is being slow to keep his promises. After all, a thousand years is like a day to him. A bit like those times you wake up after a long sleep – it feels like no time has passed, but in reality 7 or 8 hours have passed, in what seems like the blink of an eye.

Lord, help us to be patient as we wait for you to answer our prayers. We really want the world to be made right again. We want sorrow and pain to be a thing of the past. We can’t wait for the day when you will wipe away every tear from our eyes. Thank you for beautiful rock formations like this one. They remind us that you were here long before us, and you truly do know what you’re doing. Help us to trust in you with all our hearts. Amen

 Photo ©️ Fruitful Today

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